Beaches in Koufonisia

The beaches of the island have a rare, exotic beauty. The Sea Caves behind Pori beach (east of the island and west of Parianos) create bays with golden beaches and turquoise waters.
As you move east along the island, the beaches are prettier and vegetation relatively denser. You can follow the path that lies on the south coast to select which beach you want to visit. Charakopou and Platia Pounta are the most popular beaches, while Fanos is the most tranquil and Pori is the most remote - and for some, the island’s best beach.
Pori is about 4 kilometers from Chora but worth the trek. The coastal road is longer than it looks on the map, and the route through the interior is prettier. Fishing boats can also be hired for trips to Kato Koufonisi, where there are beaches of coarse sand that are ideal for nude bathing.

    Charakopou or Finikas beach

    The coast is long, the water green and the beach is usually full of people as it is close to the village. However, there is a very small calm beach next to it. You can find a camp and one restaurant nearby.

    Gala beach

    A small rock that embraces both a small sandy beach and the sea, creating another natural swimming pool.

    Platia Pounda beach

    Known as "Italida" due to an Italian woman with which one of the habitants had fallen in love. Usually this beach is visited by nudists. One can head towards Pori beach and go to Pisina beach, before arriving at Pori. Pisina beach looks like a natural swimming pool surrounded by rocks while a small coast with white pebbles can be found close by.

    Pori beach

    White sand and clear water. Located farthest away from the port, this beach used to be deserted. Now an asphalt roadway leads to the beach and to two restaurants.

    Fanos beach

    Long beach with crystal clear water and a snack bar. Another small sandy beach is hidden in the cavernous rocks.

    Sea Caves

    Bays with golden beaches and turquoise waters.