Massage and Body Therapies

Peach Massage with relaxing hot shingles

Νeed relaxation?
An innovative relaxing treatment inspired by Stone–Therapy! Using a blend of mineral powder and water, your beauty therapist shapes small heating shingles before your eyes. Once realized, they are used for a highly relaxing massage that helps release muscle tension.

Duration: 45΄

100% Customized massage treatment with oil by SOTHYS

Compose with the assistance of your beauty therapist the massage treatment that suits you best. Choose the fragrance you wish among the following essential oils complexes: νanilla and sandalwood, enchanting and sweet lemon and petitgrain, fresh and tonic orange blossom and cedar wood, musky.

Duration: 40’

Wrap fondant thermosudation

Wrap with algae and eucalyptus essential oils with detoxifying properties when cellulites are combined with water retention.

Duration: 30’

Anti-eau cocktail wrap

This wrap with decongesting properties will comfort your body and especially reduce the heavy and tiring feeling of your legs.

Duration: 30’

Spa Abyss chocolate body lifting

Enjoy a unique treatment based on delicious chocolate that deeply moisturizes the skin with body firming and detoxifying effects.

Duration: 1h